Welcome to our annual report covering April 2018 – March 2019.  In keeping with our 5-year strategy theme “People Build Communities” we have followed the same format as the previous 3 years to present a more graphic representation of our work over the year.

As in previous years, this report can only give you a brief flavour of the extent of our work. We would like to highlight some pieces of work for the year, that have had significant impact.

  • East Belfast Community Capacity & Leadership Programme (EBBC&LP) which finished at the end March. The programme originally targeted 252 people and 42 community groups in 13 super output areas in East Belfast.  At the conclusion of the programme we had 602 people participate in training, engaged 181 organisations, 2000 people participated in the programme overall and 150 accreditations were achieved.
  • Support for a group of emerging leaders to deepen their learning together and ensure a lasting impact. This support provided space for the emerging leaders to see the potential for better leadership within their work, participate in quality bespoke and accredited training and apply the learning through increased collaborative opportunities, better meetings, and more meaningful networking.
  • Achieved full occupancy of East Belfast Network Centre in line with the original 5-year plan agreed by funders.
  • Take 5 Campaign had seven organisations signed up to participate. These organisations where encouraged to integrate the Take 5 messages: Connect; Keep Learning; Take Notice; Be Active; Give; into three levels of their organisation staff, volunteers and their local community.  Organisations participated in self-care events, physical activity and training around emotional wellbeing.  This has encouraged organisations to frame our thinking to have a bigger impact on helping people build their resilience and emotional wellbeing.
  • Pilot delivery of a Pain Management Programme resulted in a local community group establishing a monthly pain support group for people in their community.  The monthly sessions included physical activity, nutrition ideas and signposting to local opportunities to help people live more positively with their pain.
  • Youth Diversionary and Outreach Programme delivered a series of interventions with young people across East Belfast to prevent and address anti-social behaviour. These included: delivery of an OCN in restorative street work for local practitioners; diversionary activities and targeted street work interventions by the “East Belfast Street Team” – a group of workers from four youth organisations – on Friday and Saturday evenings in identified ASB “hot-spots.  The Programme won the award for “Outstanding Impact in Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour” at the first ever Belfast Policing & Community Safety (PCSP) Awards
  • Increased foundational governance support to community organisations in East Belfast.  As an Umbrella Body for Access NI and a Registered Helper Group with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, we were well-placed to offer up to date support with all related requirements.  This included countersigning enhanced Access NI disclosures and supporting organisations to meet their obligations to the Charity Commission.  Provision of this basic level of support enables groups to develop organisational capacity and personal confidence in their work.


East Belfast Community Development Agency exists to provide resources, support and capacity building programmes for community groups that are based on partnership, equal opportunities and sustainable outcomes.

Theory of Change

EBCDA’s job is to add value to the activity undertaken by groups in local areas and to work with key organisations to ensure the continued development of a community sector in East Belfast that is recognised, valued and effective.

We seek to support successful community development, encourage reflective practice and promote cooperation and locally based solutions.

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